• From Nootropics Enthusiast, To Nootro-Skeptic

    Nootropics are substances that are known to enhance cognition and memory and facilitate learning. Nootropics stacks, such as Braintain, work synergistically; providing separate buy complimentary benefits for your mind.
  • The importance of preventive brain care

    We live in a competitive environment. You are always competing, either for a promotion, the fastest lane on the highway, the best seat on an airplane, the attention of a beloved person, or customer interest in a product. Bad nutritional habits, including the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, in general, are directly linked to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and other link brain disease.

    But how about preventive brain care? What do we do to prevent our brain from falling prey to the enormous challenges it is facing on a daily base