About Us

The Family Behind Braintain

Braintain is our brainchild, a supplement that supports your brain health and helps you maintain your focus, memory recall and energy even when you have a busy schedule. We are a couple who work as brain scientists and brain surgeons. We often have to deal with 80-hour weeks in our demanding careers. But we also care about having a fulfilling personal life. We have two lovely daughters, aged 11 and 20, who we love to spend time with. We understand the importance of finding a balance between work and life, staying calm and focused, and tackling each challenge with confidence. Our beginnings We started looking for supplements that could enhance our energy and focus when we faced long and stressful workdays. We tried hundreds of supplements with disappointing results. We used our own expertise and finally came up with our own special blend that is effective and made with a passion for health, balance and wellbeing. Braintain Plus is the result of this journey.

Our vision

Our mission is simple - support people by providing effective and safe premium products with real value. We only use the best, highest-quality ingredients available, with no artificial flavors, "proprietary" blends or cheap additives, or stimulants. Our products are ideal for busy executives, students, athletes, seniors or ANYONE who is concerned about brain health and strong immune defense.